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Competence course in laboratory animal science

Competence course in laboratory animal science focusing on rats and mice for scientists and persons taking care of animals and carrying out procedures

May 14th – May 25th 2018 in Tartu

Intensive course in Laboratory Animal Science aimed for researchers who wish to acquire knowledge on the correct use of animals for research purposes.

Module for persons carrying out the procedures on animals (a), taking care of animals (c), and killing animals (d), according to Directive 2010/63/EU functions. Course is held according the guideline:


The main general objective of the course is to supply researchers with education and professional competencies to use animals in scientific research, considering alternatives, applicable legislation, the experimental design and relevant ethical issues, to optimize results.

Participants will acquire skills in techniques of handling, restraining, sampling and drug administration in the different laboratory animal species, basic rules of husbandry, housing, genetics, pathology, microbiology and nutrition of laboratory animals.

Competencies will also be acquired in techniques for detection and alleviation of pain and distress, to avoid and minimize animal suffering and to allow for an educated choice of the experimental procedures to adopt.


The different subjects will be covered during two weeks in lectures and practical sessions, supplying the participants with the basic scientific knowledge applicable later to maximize the success of their results in future animal experiments, in full respect of related ethics and legislation.

Lectures: Introduction of laboratory animal science, Ethics of animal experimentation; Allergies and safety in laboratory animal unit; Alternatives to animal procedures; Biology, handling and restraint of mouse and rat; Principles in laboratory animal nutrition; Transportation of animals; Different housing conditions and their effects to animal welfare; Humane endpoint and severity classification; Transgenic animals and their classification; Safety in working with infectious animals; Pain, Pain in rodents; pain assessment of rat based on video analysis; Analgesia and anesthesia; Principles of surgery; Diseases of laboratory animals, zoonosis; Anatomy and necropsy; Handling, restraint and simple procedures, anesthesia, simple surgery

Practices: Practical handling and restraining techniques in two animal species; experimental techniques: collection of body fluids; administration of substances; surgery and suturing; necropsy in animal research; preparation and presentation of an experimental protocol; group work.


  • Participation fee 590 €
(Fee includes certificate of attendance, course materials, coffee breaks and practical work)
  • Official teaching language – English

  • Work load 78 hours, 3 ECTS credits

  • Limited to 30 participants

  • Candidates must submit registration by sending registration form to e-mail:
  • Registration deadline April 25th 2018

NB! It is possible to participate also the specific module which is focusing on chicken and/or rabbit, in case of interest please contact (latest April 10th)

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