Prindi see leht

Cooperation with other universities

Lifelong learning is an investment in the future


The Open University of the Estonian University of Life Sciences is looking for cooperation with other universities in the following topics (in terms of lifelong learning):

1) Cooperation with lecturers from other universities;
Target group: Estonian entrepreneurs and employees who are interested in raising their educational level in lifelong learning.

* Plant breeding and plant biology
* Gardening
* Plant health
* Soil science
* Environmental protection and landscape management
* Landscape architecture
* Biodiversity and nature tourism
* Hydrobiology and Fisheries
* Economics of rural economy
* Animal breeding and biotechnology
* Animal nutritional science
* Aquaculture
* Clinical Veterinary Medicine
* Veterinary biomedicine and food hygiene
* Food science and food technology
* Forestry and forest ecology
* Forest and land management and forest industry
* Land construction and water management
* Bioeconomy technologies
* Energy use - Including regenerative energy

2) Popularization of science (mediating science between universities).
3) Projects (where the financier is the European Union or the Estonian government).