Prindi see leht


Lifelong learning is an investment in the future


Our university is green university - watch the video about HERE

Estonian University of Life Sciences is the only university in Estonia whose priorities in academic and research activities  provide the sustainable development of natural resources  necessary for the existence of Man as well as the preservation of heritage and habitat. According to QS World University Rankings by Subject (2022), the Estonian University of Life Sciences is one of top 100 universities in the world in the field of agriculture and forestry, ranked 65. The university also belongs to the top 1% most cited research facilities in the world, with our plant physiology professor Ülo Niinemets being the most cited Estonian researcher altogether. According to the journal Times Higher Education (2022) Estonian University of Life Sciences belongs to top 1000 universities in the world (ranked 801 - 1000).


The Open University (OU) operates in the field of lifelong learning.
We are a "window" through which our university can share science to the world.


In cooperation with the university’s academic units (institutes) the OU offers continued education courses in the university’s fields of competence which cover the following subject areas: agriculture, social and behavioural sciences, exact sciences, natural sciences, technology, production and engineering, arts and humanities. Up to this day the OU has carried out more than 150 different continued education courses and the list of programmes grows continuously.

The OU welcomes everyone who wishes to expand their professional skills and knowledge or take part in a continued education programme. Learning options available through the OU are:

  1. Continued education courses on specific subjects. These courses are mostly shorter 1-2 day programmes (some specific training courses however can last up to several months as well) for specific vocational training or more general introductory and overview programmes on wider subjects (e.g. organic farming, bee keeping, animal husbandry etc.).
  2. Participating in courses available only through degree programmes. It is possible to choose individual courses from any of the university’s degree programmes (with some exceptions to the veterinary medicine programme) and construct a personal learning plan. The courses take place according to the academic calendar and specific study schedules constructed for each semester.
  3. Enterprises and other private or public establishments can order training programmes according to their needs.


Participants are issued certificates upon completion of a programme. The OU learning options are a fee-charging service. The university will issue an invoice for services rendered.


Estonian University of Life Sciences Open University Statutes

Procedure for continuing education in Estonian University of Life Sciences